Whether you require legal assistance to establish your business, to expand your business, or to protect your assets, you should have the very best lawyers in your team.


Time is Key

The best solution is worthless if it is delivered too late. We are aware that a timely resolution of legal matters can be crucial to our clients in achieving their business objectives. It goes without saying that we deliver solutions on short-term notice. We set a high value on meeting our deadlines.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with interdisciplinary matters. Working with tax advisors, corporate finance experts, or other lawyers can be helpful in finding the best and most economical solution - a solution made to last.

Fair Fees

We put strong emphasis on a fair price - performance ratio. While we do charge prices which reflect our lawyers' high level of expertise and experience, we are open to making individual arrangements with our clients, as long as they comply with the guidelines set forth by the Austrian Bar Association.