World Trademark Review

World Trademark Review, 2019

World Trademark Review  „The  World's Leading  Trademark  Professionals  2019“,  listet Barbara Kuchar aufgrund  der  herausragenden Beratungsleistungen  im  Jahr  2018,  als Leading  Individual  wiederholt in  der  höchsten Kategorie –  Gold –  in  Österreich!  


“KWR Karasek Wietrzyk is a corporate firm with a flair for intellectual property. While recognised for its exceptional litigation and pre-litigation counsel, the outfit also has a bustling prosecution practice which helps protect crown jewel brands. Renowned name Barbara Kuchar runs the show. She has been handling prosecution matters for Amazon Technologies. Kuchar is a frequent visitor of both the Austrian Patent Office and the Court of the European Union, she is a superior litigator who is always one step ahead of her adversaries.”

World Trademark Review, 2018

World Trademark Review  „The  World's Leading  Trademark  Professionals  2018“,  listet Barbara Kuchar aufgrund  der  herausragenden Beratungsleistungen  im  Jahr  2017,  als Leading  Individual  wiederholt in  der  höchsten Kategorie –  Gold –  in  Österreich! 


“Illustrious business law firm KWR Karasek Wietrzyk has become a force to be reckoned with in Austrian soft intellectual property in recent years: blue-chip brands are constantly flocking to it, especially for litigation and pre-litigation counselling. Its laser-focused experts interact seamlessly with their colleagues in other departments to produce a trademark service with true commercial flair. The driving force behind the firm’s prevailing success is Barbara Kuchar, a problem solver with a proven track record in all types of IP and unfair competition matters. “She is the ideal partner for patrons – responsive, creative, pragmatic and highly skilled. Barbara knows what she is doing, puts you at ease with her vast experience and makes sensible suggestions throughout.” Reckitt Benckiser figure among her star-studded list of clients.

World Trademark Review, 2017

World Trademark Review  „The  World's Leading  Trademark  Professionals  2017“,  listete Barbara Kuchar aufgrund  der  herausragenden Beratungsleistungen  im  Jahr  2016,  als Leading  Individual  in  der  höchsten Kategorie –  Gold –  in  Österreich!


“…Making significant inroads into the Austrian market, KWR Karasek Wietrzyk has international enterprises queueing up to instruct it, enticed by its deft execution of a wide range of briefs. Soft IP doyenne Barbara Kuchar is a former partner of Gassaeur-Fleissner. Famed for her diplomatic approach and sophisticated style of advocacy, she truly excels in disputes, recently preventing the dilution of an LVMH Moët Hennessy brand in opposition proceedings….”

World Trademark Review, 2016

World Trademark Review  „The  World's Leading  Trademark  Professionals  2016“,  listete Barbara Kuchar aufgrund  der  herausragenden Beratungsleistungen  im  Jahr  2015,  als Leading  Individual  in  der  höchsten Kategorie –  Gold –  in  Österreich!

“…Barbara Kuchar  is  applauded  for  her  “in-depth  knowledge,  flexibility  and  delicacy  of communication”.….. Her diplomatic skill cuts through tough cases with alacrity.

World Trademark Review, 2015

Barbara Kuchar brings her expertise on registration and contentious issues to KWR. „Always fast, responsive and highly experienced in IP matters, she gives practical advice, knows the relevant industry sectors and is very easy to work with. Last, but by no means least, she keeps an eye on clients´budgets and is very reliable with respect to cost estimates“. 

World Trademark Review, 2014

Accomplished attorney Barbara Kuchar „is one oft he first names to spring to mind“. 

A „seasoned pro in anti-counterfeiting, especially in regards to luxury goods and clothing“, she has won a slew of bluechip clients.“