Human resources are the most important assets of a successful company and therefore it is essential to protect HR from problems by appropriate structures and reliable relationships. For this reason, this area not only requires sound legal knowledge and competent professional advice but also empathy, business acumen and strategic thinking.

For many companies, rapidly changing provisions of employment law represent a major challenge, especially when different countries are involved in groups of companies operating internationally.  With clear and structured advice, we can nip unnecessary complications in the bud, and our solution-oriented and innovative approach will help find the right solution for your company and the challenges it faces.

Every company has its own identity and culture; therefore, our advisory services will always be tailored to your individual requirements.

We offer solution-centered approaches which re not limited to a mere legal assessment but also take into account the economic goals of the company, practical feasibility and, what is more, the ability to communicate with the workforce, the owners and the public. For us, the focus is on an integrated solution which will stand the test of time.

Our advice covers the entire spectrum of employment law issues: from ongoing management of employment to litigation; from pensions and fringe benefits to remuneration structures and overtime models. Moreover, we will support you in drafting contracts, concluding works agreements and implementing management and employee participation programs.

We advise you on all types of contracts: employment contracts, contracts for work and services, quasi-freelancer contracts or manager employment contracts. Furthermore, we also support you in drawing up sets of rules for work from home or Work 4.0.

If you are considering further types of remuneration for your employees, we will be pleased to advise you on the preparation of the relevant agreements, e.g. for commissions, bonuses, premiums or employee participation (e.g. stock options).

When deploying employees across borders, you must ensure that appropriate secondment agreements are entered into and that secondment notifications are made. It is also important to avoid wage and social dumping. We will advise you on all these aspects and check whether all documents are correct so there can be no unpleasant surprises.

When employing foreign staff, certain conditions must be taken into account, such as employment permits or a valid residence title. With us, you will keep track of everything and you will always be on the safe side.

If your company uses temporary workers, additional legal arrangements and contracts will be required, such as framework agreements as well as arrangements regarding responsibilities and liability issues. We are happy to support you in this respect and put the right package together for you.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to part with one or more employees, we will advise you how to do that in a legally correct manner. We support you in terminations, dismissals, amicable solutions, mass redundancies as well as internal streamlining.

Working time arrangements as well as health and safety at work are two important topics which have even gained in significance in recent times. We help you design flexible working time models or part-time models, protect yourself in the event of occupational accidents, keep an eye on the various reporting obligations and to establish contact with the Labor Inspectorate.

Litigation and conciliation in the context of employment law are proceedings which are often extremely sensitive and emotionally charged. We support you in confidently assessing the relevant risks and steering in the right direction. Our team is always up to the minute and will offer you targeted strategic advice on drafting legal documents or preparing for negotiations with works councils and trade unions.

For many companies, compliance is an important topic; it requires an appropriate legal framework to make sure that the required safeguards are in place. We help you with the creation and review of internal policies, the creation of a compliance structure or the drafting of a code of conduct and we will also be happy to conduct training in your company.

KWR's employment law team is a member of the international network L&E Global.

About L&E Global

L&E Global is the worldwide leader for cross-border labour and employment law services. Whether you require advice and support in one jurisdiction or across the globe, L&E Global delivers a simplified attorney-client relationship in regard to billing, point-of-contact, and overall advice and counsel, by offering a one-stop shop solution for all your employment law needs.

Spanning 6 continents, L&E Global’s member firms are ideally situated to provide clients with the strategic, commercial and pragmatic advice necessary to achieve their objectives, wherever they operate. Together with our best friend firms, we cover 80+ countries worldwide. We work closely with corporate, legal and human resources departments, as well as top executives across a variety of sectors and industries to help clients navigate the maze of legal regulations and labour law issues affecting businesses across the globe.

When you engage one of our member firms, you will work with a responsible partner who will bring together an international team with the appropriate expertise, coordinate all labour and employment services, and communicate regularly with you to ensure that your needs are being met and that you are satisfied with our services, as part of L&E Global’s systematic quality plan that we call ‘Quality Principles’. L&E Global’s quality control system ‘Quality Principles’ and seamless management ensures the sustainable delivery of consistent, high-quality services in every jurisdiction.

L&E Global’s members are committed to offering clients the most comprehensive legal analysis capabilities and insight from around the world. From interactive microsites to webinars, seminars, monthly bulletins, special reports and cross-border handbooks, L&E Global offers clients a customised selection of knowhow services to benefit their businesses, specifically designed to help employers stay up-to-date on the trending legal issues that could impact the workplace.

Over the years, L&E Global has received accolades from esteemed legal industry insiders, including, among others, Chambers Global (‘Elite’ Global-Wide Employment Law Networks), The Lawyer Awards (‘Global Network of the Year’) and The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Report (Commended as a ‘Legal Industry Pioneer’...).

For more information on how L&E Global can help you with your global labour and employment law objectives, please contact our corporate office or one of our member firms. We look forward to working with you.

L&E Global
Avenue Louise 221
B-1050, Brussels
T: +32 2 64 32 633

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